Our prefabricated system builds high performance, highly energy efficient healthy homes and Passive Houses in Sydney and NSW.

Ultra energy efficient and Passive House prefabricated building system.

At Eclipse we design and build Passive House and ultra energy efficient, comfortable and healthy homes. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home. That’s why we’ve developed a prefabricated building system to construct new houses and renovations all built for the Australian environment.

A Passive House is the healthiest, most comfortable and high-performance home.

Our prefabricated system is the most efficient way to build one.



Living in a Passive House system is the healthiest, most comfortable and high-performance building available.

A Passive House is designed to optimise natural light and warmth, while minimising unwanted airflow. This creates a truly comfortable, highly energy efficient home that’s warm in winter, cool in summer, free from uncomfortable draughts, and unhealthy dust and mould.

In a Passive House you will typically save 80-90% on heating and cooling, compared to a traditionally built home.

Passive Houses and renovations built with our building system meet the most rigorous building performance standards, delivering what’s important today and into the future: health, comfort and highest-level energy efficiency.

Not just a name…
Not any home can be a Passive House.

Every Passive House must be designed and built to the International Passive House Building Standard.

Every Passive House and energy efficient home and renovation should have:

  • High-performance windows – to eliminate condensation and hot and cold transfer
  • Super insulation – to eliminate cold and hot spots and prevent mould
  • Airtight construction – to eliminate unwanted airflow in your house
  • No thermal bridges – to eliminate hot and cold spots
  • Optimal orientation – to maximise natural light and warmth and cool
  • Internal ventilation – to allow fresh air in whilst preventing warm or cool air from escaping

Airtight Construction

Traditional houses have significant air leakage from the inside to outside, causing uncomfortable drafts, cold spots, condensation and mould.

The key to delivering all the comfort and health benefits possible for a Passive House is ensuring the home is airtight and has none of this air leakage.

Our prefabricated, panelised building system is specifically designed to eliminate any air leakage in the building, so you’ll always feel comfortable – and your building will be the healthiest it can be.

The Passive House design and construction process is checked and verified. Passive House is the only standard that does this – no other energy rating system checks the performance of what has been built.




Our prefabricated systems allows freedom of design, while providing speed in construction and GUARANTEED quality

By prefabricating the envelope of your home and renovation in factory-controlled conditions, we can ensure precision manufacturing, predictable delivery timeframes and quality control guaranteed to meet Passive House performance standards.


On-site construction time is reduced to a fraction of traditional site builds, which reduces cost and exposure to unpredictable weather.

For Owner Builders our prefabricated design and build system is the perfect way to have the structure of your house built to an ultra efficient or Passive House standard by us, leaving you to complete the rest of the build.

ECLIPSE CUSTOM. Our flagship architectural prefabricated system


ECLIPSE EFFICIENT. Our efficiency focused prefabricated system


Design freedom with prefabrication




Prefabrication doesn’t usually bring to mind design freedom, but at eclipse, our prefabricated, panelised building system allows enormous design flexibility.

Are you an owner builder?

Then our prefabricated design and build system is the perfect way to have the envelope of your house built to an ultra efficient or Passive House standard by us, leaving you to complete the rest of the build. This leaves us to guarantee the complicated part of the build.

Our design and build system is highly customisable to allow you to create the home you want, on the site you have. If a timber framed building can be site-built, we can prefabricate it, deliver it to site and install it in a fraction of the time required by traditional site-built construction.

Roof Cassette panel


Wall Panel


Enjoy your home for a lifetime.

Focussing on high performance and Passive House design and build, and utilising our decades of experience in the building industry, at Eclipse we are dedicated to leading the way in Australia.

Our projects are built to last, so we know you’ll enjoy the health and happiness your eclipse home brings for many, many years.



At eclipse, we are experts in our field.

We use our knowledge of building science and industry-leading prefabrication techniques to design, manufacture, deliver and install healthy, high-performance Passive Houses and energy efficient homes and renovations.

For us, it’s all about you.

We want our clients to enjoy the healthiest, most comfortable homes on the planet.

We want the design and building process to be as fast, cost-efficient and fuss-free as possible.

We want to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

We collaborate with architects, designers, and home-owners to create high performance homes and Passive Houses that change the way you live.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Sydney, Australia and we can supply and install our system anywhere on the east coast of Australia.

Meet our team


We can design your house and renovation or collaborate with your architect and designer who have a commitment to high-performance design and construction.

Our dedicated and highly skilled team brings craftsmanship and attention to detail to create vibrant, durable, healthy homes.


Darryn Parkinson

Darryn is one of the directors of eclipse and has over 25 years’ experience in construction project management. For the last 14 years, Darryn as one of the directors of your abode, has worked in the area of sustainable design and construction. His desire to build the highest performing and healthiest buildings along, with his knowledge of building physics, led him to Passive House construction. Darryn is also one of the first Certified Passive House Tradesman in Australia.

Darryn brings to eclipse strong leadership and a genuine desire to build extremely high quality and sustainable buildings. Working closely with clients, architects and designers Darryn is a frank and open communicator whose focus is always on ensuring clients enjoy a trouble-free experience, resulting in a home of outstanding quality with strong environmental credentials.

Sharon Hamilton

Sharon is one of the directors of eclipse and has over 25 years’ financial and business management experience across a diverse range of business operations. For the last 14 years, Sharon as one of the directors of your abode, has worked in the area of sustainable design and construction. Sharon is a CA who brings to eclipse a rigorous financial and business acumen which ensures that the company is always in a positon to deliver projects of the highest sustainability credentials.

Sharon has a strong belief that all buildings should be healthy for the occupants, free from harmful chemicals. Sharon’s desire is for eclipse to be a business that makes a difference to the world we live in. She believes that if you build the house right, it can change the way you live.

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